Obtaining the package

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The fun already starts with actually getting my hands on the Galaxy Player. It is said to be available in France since November 2010, but my limited knowledge of french prevents me from actually finding out if this is true. It was also announced for January 7th in the UK, with Amazon seemingly being the only place where it could be preordered. Worldwide release this is not. For some unknown reason, Amazon won’t ship the Galaxy Player to Germany. As a result, I needed to use Borderlinx to actually get the device to me, but that is minor hassle, albeit one which cost me about 30 EUR extra.

Of course, the device was not released on the 7th and the availability date was pushed back to the 11th. Already thinking that the white Galaxy Player might take the same route as the white iPhone 4, I didn’t expect the device to actually be available until February, but I was wrong. Amazon sent it on the 10th and Borderlinx could pass it along on the 12th. Somehow Borderlinx offered me standard and express shipping for the same price, so I settled with the later of course.

The result arrived today:

Photo Jan 13, 8 36 23 nachm..jpg

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